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Fuego Tortilla
Mexican Food


Fuego Tortilla is a Homemade Mexican Restaurant, with a bar atmosphere and designed for all tastes. From culinary regional dishes, Family atmosphere, nice music, giving excellent comfort to our customer.

 It represents our passion to offer the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine, from the tradition of our streets in Guanajuato to your table. Our family for generations has offered that special seasoning, the regional flavor of Guanajuato, with the combinations of dishes that convey the authenticity of Mexican culture and flavor such as ribs in red sauce, carnitas in green sauce, red chile or Beef barbecue, among many that highlight the street flavor that we bring to your table today.

In Fuego Tortilla  can you  enjoy our extensive menu that goes from our already world famous Pescadilla, specialties such as our Guiso Cabo San Lucas (the favorite stews from the coast of the pacific), our  Specialties like homemade Sopes, and the variety of authentic tacos that you must try,  and  not forgetting our meets  like  Malecon de Mazatlán, all cooked with the exquisite Mexican regional seasoning.

In the selection of drinks, choices of Margaritas, make from scratch, like Mango Dragon fruit Margarita, Horchata, o our amazing  cucumber pineapple margarita, &  the  most taste Tequilas and Mezcal, also offer Mojitos, Sangrias and Mixed Drinks.  Beer is not left out either, with suggestions from Mexican brands.  

Fuego Tortilla Guisos & Taqueria, Authentic Mexican food and drinks experience is now in Marietta, in the comfortable and magical Mexican atmosphere, serving quality and fresh  food  &  excellence service, seeking to exceed the expectations of customers.

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We are focused on providing authentic Mexican food of the highest quality with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Variety of offers to choose from, Guisos, tacos, enchiladas, sopes, pescadilla & more,  with authentic flavors of Mexico


Fast and practical service to suit the lifestyle of those who have no time to waste. Always seeking the best services. 


To promote health, we  quality,  fresh and Healthy food, to contribute to lifestyle change.


Our Chef

Fuego is a language to express our culture, 'says Mario Garcia” We work to be happy doing what we like to do, it’s enriching for me and the rest of the team to work together with, committed, passionate about the kitchen and eager to learn. Always, we are looking to reinvent traditions with modern touches or create completely new things, also we have an important starting point, which are ingrained elements in our culture and memory, very close to us, So, It is a cuisine that is inspired by tradition, but we are very open to dialogue with science & art, because food, must be made to be enjoyed first and foremost, for created memories and also tell stories.

Mario Garcia

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Homemade Mexican Restaurant


 In Fuego Tortilla Guisos & Taqueria, we bring you a new way to taste classic Mexican dishes and beverages! We will expand your gastronomic horizons with our unique flavors, stews and tacos made with much love by our Chefs.

Homemade Mexican Restaurant


 In Fuego Tortilla Guisos & Taqueria, we bring you a new way to taste classic Mexican dishes and beverages! We will expand your gastronomic horizons with our unique flavors, Molcajete stews and specialties Seafood  made with much love by our Chefs.

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